Tradition & Quality

In Lordi we believe that tradition and quality must go hand in hand, that is why we are concerned with maintaining the highest quality standards, as guaranteed by our BRC, SAE and PDO Manchego certifications.

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We control our environmental impact

In Lordi we carry out controls on our emissions into the atmosphere, and we monitor the sound pressure level derived from our activities to achieve a minimum environmental impact. In addition, we carry out regular discharge analyses, we monitor and control complying with the Land Laws and we take care of the production and management of waste, supervising and measuring all consumption.

We are PDO for «Manchego Cheese»

Among other requirements, the cheese under Designation of Origin must be made of pressed paste using sheep’s milk from the Manchego breed. It is free of colostrum and medicinal products that may have a negative impact on the production, maturation and preservation of cheese.

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Our Quality Policy

Our goal is to work with the specific requirements of each client to satisfy the demanding needs of consumers.

In this sense, we have the necessary means to attend to any aspect that is required by both current regulations and our clients: everything to achieve continuous improvement of the company and, of course, our products.

With this in mind, we seek continuous improvement of work processes as well as achieving sustainable and respectful management of the environment and our social environment, assuming our environmental, ethical and work responsibilities. Because, after all, we are much more than the artisans of unique cheeses: we are part of the engine of our community.

Product safety and security

As food manufacturers, we offer our customers cheeses that ensure a nutritious diet within a healthy lifestyle. To achieve this, we guarantee food safety so that we can later certify product quality.

Food Defence

In parallel, through Food Defence we identify, control and monitor possible sources of contamination that may affect our products to establish the necessary preventive measures that guarantee their safety.

Lordi’s certifications are currently BRC, SAE and P.D.O Manchego.

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