The real PDO for Manchego cheese

Through quality and good work, in Lordi we comply with the requirements that allow us to offer you cheeses under the Protected Designation of Origin for Manchego Cheese.

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The Manchego sheep

This breed from La Mancha was domesticated and bred by the first residents of the region who would not allow it to mix with others. As a result, the characteristics of sheep from La Mancha have remained relatively unchanged for the past few centuries.

These sheep can generally graze year-round on the grassy plains of La Mancha, although they can be fed with supplemental food especially during lactation or pregnancy.

Manchego sheep are typically raised in herds of 100 to 600 heads, although there are herds of up to 2,000 sheep.


Manchego cheese

Manchego cheese is the one made in the natural region of La Mancha, from the milk of Manchego breed sheep, with a minimum maturing period of sixty days. Manchego cheese is made from pasteurized sheep’s milk and artisan Manchego cheese is made from unpasteurized sheep’s milk, from farms registered under the Designation of Origin.

Manchego cheese is the product of a harsh and extreme climate, favouring the growth of very rustic vegetation, which becomes food for a curious and ancestral breed of sheep, subjected to very strict morphological and sanitary control. The result is a cheese unlike any other in the world.

Manchego cheese is an emblematic product of Spanish cuisine, made with the work and effort of generations of cheese masters who have contributed with their good work to make it a jewel of world cuisine.

Tosta de queso Manchego artesano

100% Manchego cheese

Find out about our PDO Manchego cheese and start living the authentic experience of the best taste of La Mancha

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PDO for Manchego Cheese

The Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) does not only mean that our cheeses are made in a certain geographical environment, but it is also recognition of their analytical characteristics and microbiological limits, as well as their organoleptic characteristics.

The Regulatory Council is the body in charge of ensuring the proper and correct use of the Protected Designation of Origin for Manchego Cheese and ensuring that the cheeses protected under it meet all the quality and origin requirements established in its technical specifications.

Distintivo Quesos DOP Manchego