Family, tradition and purpose.

Because every story has a beginning, our biography is born in the middle of the s. XX and it has evolved, matured and improved, like the best cheeses, with the purpose of creating well-known and prestigious brands.

Welcome to Lordi!

We are a family business located in a place we always want to remember: the heart of the mountains in Toledo. From this little corner we have been making authentic Manchego cheeses under PDO, for more than 50 years, with the utmost respect for experience and tradition.

The result of this know-how and our love for the profession has crossed our country borders and we currently export to more than 20 countries under the Altobello, Mancebo and Monteño brands.

Why is Manchego cheese so special?

Made from the milk of sheep in La Mancha, it provides unique characteristics that give it an unmistakable flavour. The milk from these sheep, bred and domesticated for centuries in the arid plains of La Mancha, has given the cheese the true flavour of the Protected Designation of Origin for Manchego Cheese.

Descubre la D.o.P.

From Los Yébenes to the world…

Lordi is located in Los Yébenes, a small mountain town in Castilla La Mancha. La Mancha was baptized by the Arabs as “Al Mansha” or “Land without water” due to its extremely dry climate. This kind of climate has turned La Mancha into a space with unique vegetation capable of surviving both hot and dry summers and the devastating frosts of the winter period.

In this hostile environment, which apparently would not be suitable for animal life, there are numerous plant species of grasses and legumes breeding the sheep from La Mancha. This unique breed of sheep, adapted to this ecosystem for generations, is capable of giving cheese a flavour recognized throughout the world, that of the true Manchego Cheese.