Half a century of love for the best Manchego cheese

Since 1984 we have combined tradition, craftsmanship and technological innovation to produce, from the heart of the mountains in Toledo, cheeses that cross borders and delight the most demanding palates. Would you like to join us?

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Lordi, the heart of La Mancha

Our history is born in Los Yébenes, a small town surrounded by mountains in the province of Toledo, in Castilla La Mancha. There, in an apparently hostile place with an extremely dry climate, sheep from La Mancha have grazed and been fed for generations.

This breed from La Mancha was domesticated and bred by the first residents of the region who would not allow it to mix with others. Lordi’s cheeses were born as a result of their unique milk and they were included within the Protected Designation of Origin for Manchego Cheese.

In Lordi, fruit of our history and our environment, we have managed to deliver our love for cheese to more than 20 countries with the brands names of Altobello, Mancebo and Monteño.


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Originally from La Mancha

In Lordi we make our cheeses from the milk of Manchego breed sheep, which, following a unique tradition, are matured for a minimum of sixty days. The taste and know-how offered by our experience allows us to develop a wide variety of cheeses adapted to all palates.

Ovejas Manchegas pastando

Why is Manchego cheese so special?

Made from the milk of sheep in La Mancha, it provides unique characteristics that give it an unmistakable flavour. The milk from these sheep, bred and domesticated for centuries in the arid plains of La Mancha, has given the cheese the true flavour of the Protected Designation of Origin for Manchego Cheese.

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Our awards

Our history is full of flavour and success. Our cheeses, recognized on numerous occasions, have won in the prestigious World Cheese Awards in two editions:

Queso Manchego Altobello Super Gold World Cheese
Queso Manchego Semicurado Lordi
  • 2019. Super Gold to the Aged Manchego Cheese
  • 2019. Gold Selection to the Semicured Manchego Cheese at the JCCM Grand Selection Awards
  • 2016. Gold Selection to the Semicured Manchego Cheese at the JCCM Grand Selection Awards
  • 2014. Super gold to the Raw Goat’s & Sheep’s milk Cheese (Toledo Cheese)
  • 2003. Silver Cincho to the Goat’s milk Cheese and Pasteurized Sheep’s milk Cheese

All thanks to our quality

Because we firmly believe that tradition and quality must go hand in hand, our cheeses meet the highest quality standards:

Logotipo certificado SAE
Distintivo Quesos DOP Manchego